Liberal ousted in Winnipeg – will remain as independent

The pattern continues. Another party candidate has been dumped.

This is not about dissent. This is not about not agreeing with party policy. This is about writing something a somebody doesn’t happen to like.  I have no particular thoughts on the content of what Ms. Hughes wrote. This is about party interference with local candidates! At the rate this is going, Canada is going to end up with Candidates that:

– think nothing

– hear nothing

– see nothing

– say nothing

and are nothing.

See no evil! Hear no evil! Speak no evil!

The better approach would be to dump Dion.  I predict that the political career of Ms. Hughes will last longer than the career of the current Liberal leader.

Here is an interesting comment on this episode:

“This whole thing is preposterous. As a former Winnipegger, I’ve read Hughes’s columns for many years, and I know that Hughes is not at all anti-semitic. In fact, she has worked all her life for social justice causes. As for her writing about  conspiracy theories — hello? She’s a journalist and follows stories that may be interesting to her readers. Writing about it doesn’t necessarily mean she endorses it. This is political correctness run amok, and it’s a shame that the Liberals have run scared. They turfed a dedicated and inspired candidate who could have contributed so much to our government.”

“Canadian Press

WINNIPEG — A Winnipeg election candidate who was turfed by the Liberal party says she’s staying on the ballot.

Lesley Hughes says she’s essentially running as an Independent in the Oct. 14 federal vote after being fired by the Liberals for a column she wrote years ago.

In the column, Ms. Hughes suggested Israeli businesses in the World Trade Center had advance knowledge of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Ms. Hughes says she was slandered by both Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion and Conservative Leader Stephen Harper when the column came to light.”

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