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How to run as an independent candidate

As you know the next Canadian Federal Election is May 2, 2011. We have been questions about how to run as an independent. What follows is the reply email we have been sending:

What follows are links to everything you need. But, you need to get started now – by that I mean that you must:

– get somebody to be your official agent

– find out who can be your auditor

I really encourage you to do this – but a much greater degree of organization is required for you than for party candidates. Continue reading

2010: The year of the independent candidate

Lisa Murkowski announces her write-in campaign.

by Rachel Rose Hartman

Credit the tea party, our election system or just plain ambition, but 2010 is fast becoming the year for established candidates to shun the two major political parties.

Write-in or third-party candidates look to significantly shake things up in several major statewide races Nov. 2 — and this week, yet another major candidate disclosed he may be adding his name to that list.

Republican Rep. Mike Castle said Wednesday that he “probably” would not wage a write-in candidacy for Delaware senator. But he also said he hasn’t ruled the option out; he’s pondering it, he said, “simply because it’s there, simply because I’ve had a number of people who’ve asked that I do that.” Castle, like Sen. Lisa Murkowski in Alaska, lost his Republican primary campaign to an insurgent tea party candidate, and is looking at a write-in effort like the one Murkowski announced last week as a way back into the 2010 political fray.

Below is a roundup of  some of the year’s most significant independent candidates — together with a look at their motivations and the odds that they’ll prevail on Election Day. Continue reading