About This Blog

“In my judgment no more than 50 MPs make a personal difference in the outcome of their elections. The rest tend to rely on the appeal of their leader and the luck of belonging to the winning party. The risk is that MPs willbecome ore marginal, more expendable, and at the mercy of the leadership. Certainly fewer back-benchers will be prepared to give their leaders frank advice or tell them to go to hell if they know they can be replaced.”
Jean Chretien – Straight From The Heart
This blog is to promote, encourage and draw attention to the importance of Independent Candidates in the political process. Independent candidates are the only hope to bring democratic accountability to the grass roots level of Canada.Party Candidates bring no democratic accountability. They are required to do what the Party tells them and are NOT responsive to or concerned with the local issues. Their allegiance is to their party and NOT to the people who elected them.

The Party Candidates of the three main parties are nothing more than Party Automatons. They are simply the mechanism that is used to vote for the mainstream parties.

The Conservatives, the Liberals and the NDP have disallowed candidates who have been democratically selected by local riding associations. Clearly, the parties have no respect for local democracy. For example consider the plight of Mark Warner.

In recent years Independent Candidates have made a difference in the Parliament of Canada. Read how.

Join us to return our democratic institutions to our citizens!

Our goal is to have an Independent Candidate run in every riding in Canada.

If you would like to become an independent please contact us.