Bill Casey enjoys independence

Joanna Smith of the Toronto Star has written a fascinating article about Bill Casey. This article appeared in the Star on Monday October 6. The article prompted the following comments:

“If every candidate we elected followed Mr. Casey’s example and voted for what was best for his constituents, we might actually have a true democracy in this country. There is something wrong with a system that gives a majority to anybody when more than 50% of the voters don’t want that person. We need a better electoral system and candidates with guts. The political leaders can’t fire everybody. It’s time to stop voting the “party line” and do what the electorate elected their candidates to do.”

“Though I live in Ontario, I’ve been fortunate enough to speak with Mr. Casey several times. He is the kind of personal all Parties should seek as a candidate. He represents his constituents in all matters.”

Excerpts from the Star article include:

“Casey said he has often been able to do more for his riding as an Independent than he could have when he was in the party – particularly when it comes time to vote.

He said party members generally get a list with directions on how to vote for each bill that comes through the House of Commons.

“When I vote, I have to analyze every single one. Is this motion or is this bill good for my constituents? Is it good for my province? And I just make a decision,” he said, adding he has supported motions from all four major parties.

“I don’t care where it comes from. If it’s good for my riding, I vote for it.”

He said one day, another MP showed him the voting list for his party – which Casey would not identify – and instead of directing members to vote yes or no, it just said “Follow the leader.”

“I thought that was quite telling,” he said.

Casey said individual voices were particularly restrained in the latest Tory caucus – more so than under previous Conservative leaders.

“In my first seven caucuses we had great arguments. We talked about things like GST, free trade, abortion, gun registries and things like that and they were hashed out in caucus, but in this caucus decisions are made,” Casey said.”

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