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Virtual Independent Candidates Meetings and Individual Podcasts – June 2, 2022 Ontario Election

Ontario Election – June 2, 2022

The current Ontario election is about as low key and boring as any I have seen. We are coming off two years of “Covid Adjustments”. People are used to staying in. There appears to be little interest in this election. There is one new political party which seems to be have been organized for the primary purpose of opposing the Ford government’s covid policies. That said, there seem to be few all candidate’s meetings/debates. Independent candidates have always had difficulty participating in debates. I predict that this election will be an all time low.

Candidates meetings play an important role in the democratic process.

Introducing – Virtual Independent Candidates Meetings

I expect that there will be fewer than 50 (and possibly fewer than 40) Independent Candidates. Many ridings will not have a single one. This is a tragedy because, by definition, Independent Candidates are the only candidates that (by definition) represent the interests of the riding.

Therefore, we would like to organize a series of Independent Candidates meetings (and podcasts for those individual candidates who request them) by Zoom. This will be a fantastic opportunity to promote discussions among Independents. Imagine the opportunity to interact with other candidates in an environment where none of the candidates are beholden to party interests!

I am proposing the following group meetings/discussions by Zoom:

– Thursday May 12
– Thursday May 19
– Thursday May 26

Each meeting will feature no more than six candidates.

Introducing Individual Candidate Podcasts

I am willing to do stand alone podcasts with individual candidates. These will take about one hour of which about 30 minutes will be recorded. I expect that these will help you with your individual campaigns.

Here are some podcasts that I did with the Toronto Danforth candidates in the fall Federal Election. These will give you a flavour of what the podcasts would be like.

How To Participate

You can contact me at: independencandidates at gmail dot com and provide your information. Make sure that you include a phone number. I will book a time with you and we will record the podcast. You will be able to use the podcast in your campaigns.

John Richardson

Debates in the democratic process: No candidate should be excluded and every candidate must attend

The Democratic Process

“Democracy” has become a “code word” for everything’s okay. We live in a democracy. There are many different kinds of democracies. They function differently. Canada has a “first past the post” system. Other countries may have some form or proportional representation. My point is a simple one. Whatever form of democracy a country has, that form is one of many different flavors of democracy in the democratic process.

Don’t ever confuse “democracy” with “freedom”
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Conservatives provide more protection for a pet MP

Don Martin: Conservatives provide more protection for a pet MP
Posted: February 09, 2010, 12:29 AM by Kelly McParland

He’s done it again.

An MP widely considered invisible at best, and horrible at worst, has been saved from local rejection after party headquarters denied his own riding directors the chance to shop for a better Conservative candidate.

For reasons the national office will not explain, the Conservatives have thrown blanket protection over Calgary West MP Rob Anders to enforce his apparently unalienable right to carry their banner into the next election.

Not only did the party shut down any risk of the incumbent suffering a pre-election dumping, but last weekend it seized control of local membership lists, the cash box and the power to call an annual general meeting, shutting down a volunteer association elected only last March by Conservatives at large.

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