Garth Turner – An Independent in form but not in substance

4. Elected MPs Kicked Out Of Their Parties Who Rather Than Becoming Independents – Voted Against Their Party By Crossing The Floor – A Betrayal Of Conscience And Of The Voters Who Elected Them

Both Bill Casey and Garth Turner were ejected from the Conservative Party. Bill Casey had the conscience and principle to sit as an Independent.  Garth Turner betrayed the voters who elected him and joined the Liberal Party.

For Bill Casey it was about principle.

For Garth Turner it may have been about principle, but the principle was not loyalty to his constituents. At a minimum, he should have asked their permission to become (he was elected as a Conservative) a Liberal.
As Groucho Mark once said:

“If you don’t like my principles, I have others.”

Perhaps, the governing principle is:

“It’s about Garth.”

Garth Turner – A man of great promise but greater disappointment

Garth explained his decision in the following blog entry. This entry is worth reading because it gives insight into the difficulty of existing as an indpendent.

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