How to run as an independent candidate

As you know the next Canadian Federal Election is May 2, 2011. We have been questions about how to run as an independent. What follows is the reply email we have been sending:

What follows are links to everything you need. But, you need to get started now – by that I mean that you must:

– get somebody to be your official agent

– find out who can be your auditor

I really encourage you to do this – but a much greater degree of organization is required for you than for party candidates.

To get the flavor of this you might be interested in:

Independent Candidates – Tax free democracy

How would an Independent represent a riding

Chretien – On The Party MP – Theory vs. Reality

Links To the Relevant elections Canada pages and the required forms:〈=e〈=e

Click to access ec20010_e.pdf〈=e〈=e