Independent candidate determined to make every vote count

Independent candidate David Page admits he’s a long shot, but he’s determined to make every moment count

It would be easy, were you of a certain disposition, to laugh at David Page, the independent candidate for Parliament in the federal riding of Ottawa West-Nepean.

Laugh at his chances of winning (he is running against John Baird and David Pratt). Laugh at his Don Quixote campaign (he has a MySpace page and business cards). Laugh at the earnestness of his long-shot campaign (he was the first independent candidate in Ottawa to be registered by Elections Canada, and that’s because he hounded them to take his cheque).

So, go ahead and laugh. He chuckles a bit himself.

“What are my chances of winning this election, of becoming the Member of Parliament for Ottawa West-Nepean?” he asks, sitting in a coffee shop at Carlingwood Mall. “I suppose I should caution you to not bet heavily on it.”

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