Independent candidate wants to give Welland residents a voice

Nicole Montreuil writes about Jody Di Bartolomeo in Welland:

“In 2006, he ran on the New Democratic Party ticket and came in second, netting 30.7 per cent of the vote and beating Conservative candidate Mel Grunstein.

Then, he said, he watched as NDP leader Jack Layton bought into the multi-national trade deals costing Canadian jobs, turning his back on what Di Bartolomeo called traditional NDP values in the process.

So by the time the local riding association declared Malcolm Allen their choice for the 2008 race, Di Bartolomeo had already begun to pull away from the party.

Instead, he threw his hat in the race as an independent candidate.

He hasn’t had much time to campaign so far–he hasn’t taken time off work because the philosophy professor has classes to teach–but through debates and meeting residents, he’s heard the same messages repeatedly.

Not only do Welland voters remember him from last election, they’re concerned about the economy”

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