Independent candidates invited to NOT participate rather …

than Invited to participate.

Just finished watching “Goldhawk Live” and the question period for candidates in Etobicoke North. The exclusion of non-party candidates was striking.

At the beginning Mr. Goldhawk announced the format would be that:

First, the candidates for the four major parties would  speak; and

Second, at the end, and after the party candidates had spoken, “other” candidates would be given a chance to speak.

The four major party candidates were interviewed and questioned. During this hour the party candidates demonstrated their lack of independence and autonomy from their parties – making them completely irrelevant to residents of their ridings.

This was followed by a break during which the party candidates left the stage. For the final two minutes, Anna Dicarlo (Marxist candidate) was given the opportunity to take the stage by herself (depriving her of the opportunity to be compared to the party candidates) and to give a two minute presentation. She was introduced as though she was some sort of “exotic animal”. This horrible treatment notwithstanding, she performed  with grace and dignity. Congratulations to Ms. Dicarlo for the courage she demonstrated!

It was clear that non-party candidates were:

Invited to NOT participate, rather than invited to participate!


Probably, Goldhawk Live would argue that the treatment of non-party candidates is:

“Separate but equal”!