No Independent = No Interest In The Riding

Why Independent ?

When you are hiring an employee do you expect them to work for you or their ‘people’? When you elect an MP, do you expect them to work for you or their party? You elect them, you pay them, but whom do they represent? Which is better for you?

Catherine Whelan Costen

The question is simple:

Do you want an MP who is responsive to the interests of those in the riding?


Do you want an MP who is NOT responsive to the interests of those in the riding?

Consider the following comments about Toronto Danforth:


I emailed Mr. Layton two weeks ago asking him when he would be in our riding so that I could have a chance to meet with him. In that email, I expressed my wish to discuss what his goals were for Toronto-Danforth specifically. I explaining that we understood his platform for Canada, but we had needs too and what direction would that take?

To date, I have yet to even receive a reply. I now have to wonder what possible good could come from voting for a Candidate who can neither provide for his own constituency, or even has a plan to do so. His website is full of credentials which have little or nothing to do with Toronto-Danforth or any accomplishments he has provided for us.

So before you vote, ask all of our riding Candidates what their thoughts are on our riding…. Not just the country. This neighbourhood is very diverse, but issues like the waterfront (for example), and the increased crime due to crack cocaine usage in our neighbourhood have been left on the backburner for far too long.

I think it is time we voted for someone who is willing to fight for the people who send them to Ottawa. To date, I have seen little effort on Mr. Layton’s part to provide Toronto-Danforth with anything more then the status quo. Why then should I believe he will be better suited then his running mates to run a diverse nation like Canada when his efforts here have been so futile in his own backyard.”

The answer is: Vote Independent!