Prime Minister Harper’s 1998 view of MPs

Stephen Harper – Sept. 1, 1998

“Most MPs are bit players in today’s parliamentary system, with the average backbencher merely acting as an ombudsman for constituents on non-partisan issues and as a local sales representative for his/her political party on the big issues”.

This could have been last week!”


Great interview with Canadian Conservative Back Bencher

This is a great interview with a Canadian Conservative back bencher. The questions continue:

What is the role of the MP?

Who does the MP represent?

Where do the loyalties of an MP lie?

The Harper Government is demonstrating why Independent Candidates are vital for democracy.



Party candidates are a guarantee of no representation in Parilament


Have a look at this interesting article and the comments. This is evidence of:

1. The end of the Conservative Party governing Canada; and

2. Evidence that Independents will be rising in the next election!

Independent candidates – start your engines now! Mr. Harper is going to put you on the map!

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NDPWatch: Why suddenly so concerned about floor crossing, Official Opposition?

Note: The following meanderings originally appeared on twitter, but have been tweaked, extended and edited for readability.

Enthusiastic party press releases to the contrary, the next NDP-backed private members’ bill headed for the floor of the House does not, in fact, “ban” floor crossing outright, but would trigger an automatic byelection when an MP “becomes a member of a registered party” that did not endorse his or her candidacy in the election. Continue reading