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The Rathbeger resignation – A time for consideration


Congratulations to Mr. Rathgeber. His resignation should be used to begin a discussion about the proper role of the MP in Canada. I hope that he runs in the next election as an Independent Candidate. Furthermore, voters in his riding must take the opportunity to to remind ALL parties that the MP is the link between the voters and government. The erosion of the significance of the individual MP is tantamount to an erosion of the significance of the individual voter. In a democracy, the role of elected representatives should be to serve the voters. The role of elected representatives is NOT to a mechanism to serve the PMO or to serve a political party. Rather than look for a new candidate, this particular riding association should examine its moral principles and understanding of what democracy is about.

But that won’t happen because this riding association exists to serve the party and not the people.

As Winston Churchill once said:

Some will sacrifice principle for party and some party for principle.”

Want to make a real choice? Vote for an independent!

Want to make a real difference? Run as an Independent!