Canada Today – A Government: Of The Parties, By The Parties, For The Parties!

Canada Today – A Government: Of The Parties, By The Parties, For The Parties!

On November 19, 1863, at Gettysburg Pennsylvania, President Abraham Lincoln delivered what we now know as the Gettysbury address. Mr. Lincoln noted:

“that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

The president was articulating a version of democracy where people participated and where government was the servant of the people.

The reality is that: government of the people, by the people and for the people has perished in Canada. The people have been replaced by the political parties.  Canada has given birth to a form of government, where voters and local ridings are irrelevant. That form of government is an Orwellian form of – government of the parties, by the parties, for the parties!

December 2008 – Government For The Parties and NOT For The People

The Liberals, NDP and Bloc Consider a Coalition to Oust Canada’s Democratically Elected Government

According to CBC the coalition has been formed.

Stephane Dion has been tapped to be the new Prime Minister.

Canada has had a coalition government only once. That was during the first world war. Coalition governments are most common in countries with proportional representation.

A Description Of These Events – The Conservative Party Perspective

“The Liberal Party was completely rejected by Canadians in the last election. They received their lowest share of the popular vote since Confederation.

Now the Liberals are trying to take power through the back door.

As you read this letter, the Liberals are holding secret negotiations with the socialist NDP and the separatist Bloc Québécois to overturn the wishes of Canadian voters and take power.

They want to take power and impose on Canadians a Prime Minister without a personal mandate, a Liberal-NDP Coalition not one voter has ever endorsed and have it all backstopped by the separatist Bloc Québécois who simply want to destroy the country.

We need your help to ensure that they do not succeed!

Senior Liberal insiders are trying to fool Canadians into thinking their scheme has something to do with the economy.

But it is clear the Liberals do not care about the economy. They only care about re-gaining power and re-gaining their entitlements. They’ve learned nothing since being turfed out of office over the sponsorship scandal.

On October 14th, Canadians passed judgment on the Liberals.

The Liberals have no mandate to lead a government.

The Liberals have no mandate to cut a deal with the NDP.

And the Liberals certainly do not have a mandate to cut a deal with the separatists who want to destroy our country.

This backroom deal is so unprecedented and so undemocratic that Canadians must have their say.

This is Canada. The privilege to govern must be earned, not taken. We cannot let this happen.

When an election occurs – and it must – the Conservative Party will have to wage the fight of its life.

We now know we are no longer competing just with the Official Opposition. We are competing against a coordinated campaign between Liberals, socialists and separatists to impose their agenda on Canadians.”

– email sent by the Conservative Party on November 30, 2008

A Description Of These Events – The NDP Excuse For A Cash Call

“My Fellow New Democrat,

After all we’ve seen in the last 5 days, it couldn’t be any clearer.

It’s time to replace Stephen Harper. It’s time to put you and your family first.

In these uncertain economic times, Canadians are looking for a Parliament that can work together to put working families first. Won’t you join me today in our coalition for change?

Elected with just 38% of the vote, Stephen Harper acts as if he has 100% of the power. Instead of attacking this economic crisis with a meaningful stimulus package, Harper chose total inaction and cheap political tricks. Enough is enough.

This isn’t what Canadians voted for. This is not what working families need in these tough times.

We have another choice. Now there is an alternative. Together, you and I can make it a reality.

Your New Democrats are working with the other opposition parties to put forward an alternative government – a coalition for real change.

This coalition will allow us to achieve the results that average Canadian families expect from New Democrats: action to create jobs, to protect your pension and retirement, and to lay the foundation for the green economy of tomorrow.

But there’s a long way to go to make it a reality. Stephen Harper is desperate to cling to power. His corporate-backed Conservatives are pulling out every dirty trick in the book.

That’s why I’m asking you now to join this coalition for change. You can start by making a generous donation of $90, $150, or whatever you can afford right now. We’ll use your donation to counter Harper’s powerplay in the days to come. Together we’ll give Parliament back to the 62% majority that voted against Stephen Harper.

Join with me now. Let’s make history with the first federal government to include New Democrats that’ll get results for you and your family.

Jack Layton
Leader, Canada’s NDP”

Email from Jack Layton – December 1, 2008

The Historical Background – A Conservative Minority

On October 14, 2008 Canada held a federal election. The 308 seats were allocated as follows.

– The Conservatives won 143 seats – Leader Stephen Harper
– The Liberals won 77 seats – Leader Stephane Dion
– The Bloc won 49 seats – Leader Gilles Duceppe
– The NDP won 37 seats – Leader Jack Layton
Independents won 2 seats

The October 14, 2008 election was not a strong endorsement of the Conservative party, it was a clear rejection of;

– the Liberal, Bloc and NDP parties; and
– the party leaders: Stephane, Gilles and Jack.

As a result, the Conservatives became the Government of Canada. Although they won the largest number of votes, they did not win a majority of the seats. Hence, the Conservative government  is a “minority government.” The Liberals, Bloc and NDP won a total of 163 seats – giving those three parties (collectively) a majority of the seats. In theory every MP is to have one vote. Hence, if each member of the Liberals, Bloc and NDP were to vote against the Conservatives, the government led by the Conservatives would fall.  This is the way that Canadian Parliamentary democracy works. Would each member of the Liberals, Bloc and NDP vote to defeat the Conservatives? There is little reason to believe that every member would if:

– The individual MP was responsive to the wishes of his/her riding (party MPs are owned lock, stock and barrel by their party leader) ; and
– The individual MP was allowed to vote according to his/her conscience (Individual MPs are told how to vote by the party leader a practice called “whipping the vote”).

For a discussion of “whipping the vote” in general see:

(For one more example of  Jack Layton’s hypocrisy see this video of his  complaining about the Conservatives “whipping the vote”:

The reality is that:

– individual MPs are NOT responsive to the wishes of those who elected them; and
– individual MPs are NOT allowed to vote according to his/her conscience.

When it comes to representing their local ridings, Party MPs are irrelevant and useless.

On December 1, 2008 a coalition of the Liberals, Bloc and NDP (actually it was Stephane, Jack  and Gilles) announced that they were planning to use their voting majority in the House of Commons to overthrow the democratically elected  government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Note that this is NOT the people of Canada – but three individuals – the leaders of the Liberals, Bloc and NDP. Should three individuals be allowed to overturn a government elected by the people of Canada?

Have a look at the following link and watch the video where the Prime Minister explains what is about to happen.

The Prime Minister notes that the coalition (but really it is Jack, Gilles and Stephane) is attempting to steal the power that they failed to achieve through the democratic process during the election.

The Party View Of Democracy Is The Antithesis Of Democracy!

Canada’s political parties behave as though politics is a game where the parties are the only participants. The original purpose of parliamentary democracy was to ensure local representation in parliament. The original intent was for the individual member to be more important than a party. It now seems that individual members are irrelevant.

The government of Canada should be replaced only if:

1. There is a general election in which the Conservative government is replaced;
2. If there is no general election, the government should be replaced only through a free vote in he House of Commons where each MP votes his or her conscience.

The government of Canada should NOT be replaced, if Stephane Dion, Gilles Duceppe and Jack Layton, reach an agreement, where they force the individual MPs in their parties to vote in a manner that will ensure the fall of the Conservative government of Prime Minister Harper. This may be legal but it is immoral. It smacks of Thug Politics! Stephane, Gilles and Jack are really saying:

If the voters won’t give us political power, we will steal it!!

Please understand that – three people – Jack, Gilles and Stephane made a decision to oust a government democratically elected in the October 14 election. If this happened in another country it would be called a “Coup d’état”. In Canada it simply called “democratic process.”

This doesn’t seem to very democratic.

Party Candidates – The Means To “A Party” For The Parties

MPs affiliated with political parties are party automatons. They are useless and irrelevant when it comes to achieving their original purpose – a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Party candidates operate to achieve a  government of the party, by the party and for the party!

Independent Candidates – The Antidote To Party Politics

So, what is an Independent candidate? An Independent candidate is a candidate who has no allegiance to a political party. As such, he or she is free to exercise sound judgment for the benefit of his/her riding. An Independent candidate cannot be “whipped” into voting along a party line.

A number of Independent candidates ran in the October 14 Canadian general election. For examples  Independent candidates see the following:

For a complete list of Independent candidates in the October 14 election see:

Independent candidates are the antidote to party politics.

The only MPs that are allowed to represent the people in general and their ridings in particular are Independent candidates.

To learn more about Independent candidates visit:

Vote Independent! Save Canada’s Democracy!