Candidate fired by Liberals – Rises as Independent – Bedard

The Background – Media Release From The Liberal Party About Their Candidate Simon Bédard:

“September 11, 2008

Statement from Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion

Today I announce that I have asked for and received the resignation of Simon Bédard as the Liberal Party of Canada’s candidate in the riding of Québec.

Clearly, Mr. Bédard agrees that the statements he has made regarding First Nations people are not compatible with the beliefs and values of the Liberal Party of Canada.

While Mr. Bédard has clearly indicated that he no longer holds those views, the Liberal Party of Canada’s proud tradition of support for our Aboriginal communities must not be overshadowed by these comments.”

First, he was the Liberal candidate

“A Liberal Party candidate in Quebec City who drew fire for past comments about Mohawk warriors in the Oka Crisis has resigned from the federal election campaign.

Simon Bédard, a former radio host, tendered his resignation as candidate in the Quebec riding after Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion asked him to withdraw from the race, according to the party website.”

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Then, he became an Independent.

“Some people thought I would go and hide after what happened, well that clearly isn’t the case,” Bedard told reporters.

“I met a lot of people who told me: ‘You dare say out loud what we think.’ That was a revelation to me and that made me change my mind,” he added.

Bedard said being an independent candidate will allow him to speak his mind freely. In his speech, he took a swing at his former party’s weak campaign in Quebec and at the Conservatives for cutting in culture subsidies and promoting tougher measures for young offenders.”

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