Crossing The Floor – It’s My Seat – I’ll Join Who I Want

3. Elected MPs Crossing The Floor – After Having Been Elected As MP For One Party They Become Members of Another Party

I’ll Sell My Seat To The Highest Bidder! I Can Do This Because:

“It’s My Seat! I’ll Do With It What I Want!”

“Crossing the floor” means to leave one’s political party and join another, or in a more general sense, to vote against one’s own party.  It is also a clear betrayal of the voters that elected the MP.  Given that many people vote for the candidate because he/she is a member of a party, “crossing the floor” is a clear betrayal of the voters. It is a signal that the MP does NOT recognize the interests of the voter.  If an MP feels that they must leave a party, he/she should sit as an independent and NOT cross the floor.

The following MPs believe that they were NOT elected to represent the ridings that elected them.  They “crossed the floor”. In so doing, they treated their constituents with the ultimate contempt.

Perpetrators have included: David Emerson, Belinda Stronach, Wajid Khan, Scott Brison

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