Independents – The Way Of The Future

Independents Are The Way Of The Future!

Garth Turner On Political Parties and Independents

When Garth Turner was ousted from the Conservative party he became an Independent. Had he remained an Independent, he might well have been re-elected. In a previous post I noted that the “floor crossers” lost.

In his blog, Mr Turner shares his views on party politics as follows:

“In my coming book, I summarize it this way:

While parties are central to how we run countries, it is less so each day. The Internet has the power to turn unknowns into leaders and involve citizens whom partisan recruiters, organizers and militants will never meet. A blog can alter political outcomes, while web sites reach millions when media outlets are still editing. Politicians who open digital conversations make the future impossible for those who do not. One or two more federal elections, and the traditionalists will be gone.

Parties may follow. They’ll certainly be transformed. Online members will be harder to control, and more responsive to voters. Ridings will melt away in the digital ascent of issues over geography. And if dozens of independents are ever to take their seats in the House of Commons, it will be because of this. Funded, promoted and elected through web-based campaigns, they will skirt the rules of a political establishment which abhors them.

Experience has convinced me this is what many Canadians want. Parties and leaders who demand unquestioning acceptance of dogmatic positions are doomed. No one, not even a prime minister, can put this back in the bottle.”

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