Party candidates tight-lipped plus commentary

Sometimes it’s better to say nothing and let people assume you know nothing, rather than to say something and remove all doubt!

Starting this week, the candidates will be appearing (or at least we hope) on Goldhawk live. On the evening of September 30, during the “Don Valley East” discussion (by the way the Liberal candidate failed to appear), a caller asked why only the main party candidates were invited to appear. Goldhawk, answered that it was all perfectly fair. Go figure.

Check out the following schedule and keep track of which of the party candidates do NOT appear.

Are you interested in talking to and hearing directly from your local candidate?  Some are frustrated by the apparent absence of their candidates – as indicated by the following sentiment.


“I can’t believe I’m the only one who noticed the invisibility of our elected leaders when questions were being asked – generally a spokesman for the party or non-elected talking head took their place. Candidates should be legally bound to take questions from their electorate at election time (and any time we demand it – they work for us after all) but presumably we never considered having to legislate common sense politics until now. No person who actually values democracy would vote for anyone who would not attend an all-candidates meeting in their riding.”


The following article, that appeared in the September 27 Star, suggests a number of party candidates are not talking to the voters. Although the article by Linda Diebel of the Toronto Star focuses on the Conservative Party, it appears to be a problem with party candidates in general.

But, first here is a comment on this article from the Toronto Star – October 1:

“Conservative spokesperson Kory Tencycke said that there is no reason that Conservative candidates should be talking to the national media; they should rather focus on local matters. Following this logic, Conservative MPs should also not vote on matters of national interest.”

Now, on to the article:

“Tory candidates tight-lipped

The PM’s communications director says there’s no reason local Conservative candidates should be talking to national media.

Instead, their “priority is in the local ridings” they represent, Kory Teneycke said last week.

A more pressing problem, however, appears to lie with local Tory candidates who won’t appear at local events or speak to local media.

In Parkdale-High Park, Conservative Jilian Saweczko declined to participate in a CBC all-candidates’ debate one morning last week and skipped a CTV coffee house chat that evening. She has ignored messages from the Star for two weeks and organizers of an upcoming all-candidates’ debate have not yet been able to get her commitment.”

To read the complete article: