Paul Barnes – Belleville area Independent – Writes about …

the difficulty of running as an Independent.

This is one more reason why the small numbers who ran as Independents in this election deserve special thanks for helping our democracy. The fact is that as an Independent, in a party dominated world, you have to do everything yourself and it is hard to get the respect you so richly deserve. Have a look at Paul Barnes’s blog where he lists his difficulties in getting media attention.  The Belleville Intelligencer ran a nice piece of Mr. Barnes where he was quoted as saying:

“Whenever a candidate runs under the banner of a party it means, if elected, that person is supposed to represent both their constituents and their party’s best interests, Barnes said. That ties the hands of an MP but the Marmora resident wants to represent the local riding free of restrictions”

Best of luck to Mr. Barnes on October 14!