Toronto elections – Candidates are supposed to be independent

Well at least in theory.

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Can Toronto Mayor David Miller be beaten in 2010?

“One insider points to the centre and right teaming up to run a slate of candidates — not a party system, but a group called “Vision for Toronto,” or something like that.

Those people, led by their candidate for mayor, would actually have to have a vision for Toronto, opposed to the NDP agenda, something that would pin Miller into a corner and that could be credibly sold to the public as real change”

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Running for the right – The Group Opposing Miller mulls a leadership convention to pick its contender

“The encouraging news out of City Hall is the GOM (Group Opposing Miller) have come to the real world conclusion only one person can run against Mayor David Miller in the 2010 election.

Then it gets interesting.

How do you decide who has the best shot at knocking off the boss?

The answer the GOM is working on may shock you — a leadership convention.

“We’ll throw confetti, we’ll give speeches,” said Coun. Karen Stintz, a viable contender for the role of hopeful-for-mayor.

She compared it to a Churchill moment, make the speech of your life, get your fellow councillors and the residents of the city on side, then run at the mayor.

Intriguing. That said, a convention, like political parties throw, is far from a sure thing.

There are huge issues to resolve. How do you pay for it when candidates can’t spend any money on their campaigns until Jan. 1, 2010, and this would all have to happen in the fall of 2009 at the latest?”

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